3 Tips for Choosing the Right Granite

Aside from their long-lasting beauty and wide array of colours and designs, the most popular reasons homeowners choose granite for their kitchens is their durability.

Granite is one of the toughest materials on earth – resistant to scratches, stains, and heat – so it seems only natural that it’s one of the most commonly used countertop materials.

The best parts about granite?

  • Huge colour and pattern selection
  • Endless possibilities when combined with existing kitchen aesthetic and cabinetry
  • Extremely strong and can be used indoors, outdoors, under extreme heat, etc.

But with so many choices, how can you choose just ONE granite type?

At Rock With Us, we know how overwhelming the renovation process can be. We’ve helped thousands of homeowners find their dream granite, and we can help you too.

1. Match your granite with your cabinets

Having a streamlined kitchen aesthetic is vital to creating a beautiful space.

If you have existing cabinetry or a developed design in your kitchen space, choosing a granite colour and style that will complement it should be first on your list.

Whether your cabinets are light or dark, you should choose a granite that complements it perfectly. Need help? Our experts will help you choose the perfect colour for your space!

2. Choose your edge profile carefully

Edge profiles might seem like small details, but they make the biggest difference in your overall design and function of your space.

Whether your kitchen is modern, traditional, or contemporary, the edge profile has the ability to change the entire look of your décor.

Always choose an edge for your granite countertop that complements the style of your cabinets.

  • Modern cabinets? Choose a beveled or flat edge.
  • Traditional design? Go with a bull nose edge.

3. Pick the right colour

When you’re deciding on a type of granite, it’s important to know what you will be primarily using your countertops for.

  • Will you be using the granite countertop in an area that does not see much interaction with foods or liquids? Choose a lighter colour.
  • Will the granite be used in an area that sees a lot of traffic and spills? Choose a darker colour.

Need help choosing your granite?

Are you ready for a brand new look and feel, but aren’t sure which granite would best suit your space? Give us a call or visit our showroom to have a one-on-one with one of our experts.

Before you visit, be sure to:

  • Write down any questions you want to ask
  • Have a general idea of what you want your space to be
  • Bring along photos of your existing area, including cabinets, décor, floors, etc.

Let’s get started

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