3 Types of Countertops for Busy Bathrooms and Kitchens

These 3 types of countertops stand up to heavy use

If your family needs attractive, durable, long-lasting, functional countertops that will never go out of style, we recommend one of the following types of countertops:

If you’re like us, you want to choose the absolute best countertop for your purpose.

Which countertop is best for a working kitchen? What about a more aesthetic kitchen? Which countertop still looks good in a bathroom used often by messy kids? What about the busy powder room?

Find the best types of countertops for your needs right here.

How often are young kids in your kitchen?

types of countertops


Quartz is an excellent kitchen countertop material where parents and young kids spend time preparing meals and eating together.

Most families who invest in quartz countertops do so because of the low maintenance and attractive appearance. Because the surface is so dense, it doesn’t require any sealing. Busy families don’t have to make time to apply sealant every year.

In addition, quartz is:

  • Nonpourous, so bacteria growth on your kids’ cooking and eating surface is rarely a concern.
  • Stain resistant, so those messy spaghetti nights don’t leave permanent sauce-stains behind.
  • Heat and scratch resistant, unlike wood and fibre-based countertops.

So if your family, including the young kids, cook and eat together in the kitchen, quartz is a great choice.

Is your kitchen more of an adult area?

If you rarely find young kids in the kitchen, and entertaining friends and family is your idea of a good Saturday night, granite is your hands-down top choice.

types of countertopsGranite stands up to wear and tear better than any other surface for two reasons:

  • It’s extremely hard.
  • It is insulated by a sealer.

Granite requires sealing annually to keep that gorgeous shine in high traffic spaces.

Sealing means spills wipe up easily, stains never set and the surface stands up to extreme heat better than anything else.

Granite also gives your kitchen that timeless style. Your kitchen will have a completely unique surface – your granite will be different from any other granite out there.

For kid free kitchens, the best types of countertops are always granite.

The best countertop to resist water damage in the bathroom

Your kids and guests probably splash water all over the bathroom countertop, so that surface needs to stand up to water better than anything else with minimal upkeep. Chances are your kids don’t wipe up the splashes after:

  • Brushing their teeth.
  • Washing their faces.
  • Washing their hands.
  • Spitting mouth wash everywhere.
  • Dripping liquid soap onto the counter.

Types of countertopsSmall splashes, maybe. But over time the water damage accumulates on most surfaces and dulls the appearance, even building bacteria deposits you don’t want in your home.

The best type of countertop for your busy bathrooms is solid surface.

These synthetic countertops are higher quality, more durable and more versatile than your standard laminate counters.

And we can’t overstate the value of a bathroom countertop that stands up to water. It’s the most valuable feature in most family homes.

9 times out of 10, these recommendations will meet your need. But we want to be sure you get the best advice, so give us a call to talk about your budget, your intended use and the look you want.

There are so many types of countertops out there. We’ll help you make the most informed decision so you are happy with your new countertops as long as you your home.