Best Way to Clean a BBQ and Outdoor Kitchen Stains

Clean BBQ Grill

Are you having a barbecue this Father’s Day? Whether you’re celebrating dad or simply looking to get your outdoor kitchen area and BBQ prepped for the warm weather, learn the best ways to clean these spaces and appliances to avoid the hassle when it’s time to party.

One of the most basic tips is to clean your BBQ a few hours before cooking on it. This ensures that all of the residue on the grill and the surfaces around it have had time to be properly sanitized. Prepping your outdoor kitchen counter so that you and dad have a clean working surface will also help save time so that you can focus more on cooking and enjoying your family time rather than cleaning.

Supplies to Clean a BBQ

In order to clean your BBQ and your outdoor kitchen like a pro, use the following supplies as part of your routine:

  • Dish soap
  • Buckets or shallow pans that can fit the grill
  • Shop vacuum
  • Stiff bristle brush with long handle
  • Wire or paper clip (to clean burner port holes)
  • Soft sponge
  • Paper towels

Bonus tip: Do not use steel wool when you wash your barbecue as it will leave scratches on the grill.

Steps to Clean Your BBQ

Use this step-by-step guide to make sure you clean your barbecue thoroughly:

  1. Fill a bucket or shallow pans with hot, soapy water. Place the grills in and let sit for at least fifteen minutes.
  2. While the grills soak, use the bristle brush to remove surface debris. Apply soapy water when needed to help remove the excess.
  3. Take your wire, paper clip, or other thin metal item, and use it to remove debris from the burner port holes.
  4. Use the shop vacuum to collect remaining debris from inside the BBQ. Don’t use your home vacuum as the grease can clog it.
  5. Remove grills from the soapy water. It should now be much easier to scrape off any remaining debris. Rinse the grills thoroughly when done.
  6. Before you place the grills back in the BBQ, dry them thoroughly with paper towel. Then put them back in the now clean BBQ!
  7. After you clean your BBQ, the nearby outdoor kitchen counters will likely need a wipe. Clear off the debris with a paper towel. Then apply soapy water to the surface.
  8. Scrub the countertop with the soft sponge, then rinse and dry.

Voila! Dad now has a clean outdoor kitchen and BBQ to start his Father’s Day afternoon barbecue off right.

Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Options

man cooking at outdoor kitchen

Is your outdoor kitchen countertop worn out or do you want to install a brand new one for Father’s Day to give dad some more room when he’s manning the grill? Here are some prime options for outdoor kitchen countertops:

  • Granite: Granite is a strong, beautiful material that can withstand the heat of a summer day.
  • Solid Surface: This traditional material is tough and withstands water damage as well as scratches.

Rock with Us can help you select the best countertop for your outdoor kitchen to function alongside your BBQ and make Father’s Day even more special. Contact us today with any questions or concerns, we’d be happy to chat with you about the best available countertop options and more.