How to Clean Your Natural Stone Tiles

Your natural stone tiles are an investment, so it’s important that you take the necessary steps to properly caring for and maintaining it.

Keeping your natural stone tiles clean and well-kept will not only help it look its best, it will give you the years of durability and luster you expect and deserve.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry, we created this natural stone cleaning guide just for you.

Why should you clean your natural stone tiles?

What’s so special about taking care of natural stone tiles? Isn’t the maintenance for stone tiles the same as a countertop?

Although the stone may be exactly the same as the one used for your countertops or full slab walls, the floor gets hit with a lot more traffic, dirt, dust, and sand – and these particles can scratch and scrape natural stone tiles.

For the most part, stone can receive the same general maintenance (details below), but for more sensitive stones such as marble or granite, they require special attention.

Caring for marble

Marble is a beautiful and luxurious stone that can last virtually forever if it is properly cared for.

Since it is a porous stone, marble can be stained easily and is prone to scratches and etching if regular maintenance is not a part of your routine.

On a regular basis, warm water gets the job done. But if you feel like your problems run deeper than what warm water can handle, there are various cleaners made specifically for marble.

In order to keep your marble stone countertops or tiles in pristine condition, follow the routine maintenance tips and do’s and don’ts below.

Caring for granite

Similar to marble, granite comes in many colours and designs and makes a beautiful addition to any home.

One difference that makes granite stand out: it’s naturally antibacterial, which makes it a fantastic material to use in kitchens and bathrooms where bacteria can easily grow.

Granite is also a highly resilient stone that is resistant to staining and scratching, and is much less absorbent than other natural stones.

Of course, accidents happen and after time, stains can become prominent.

A sealer and basic warm water and dish soap will do the trick to prevent damage and staining.

If you need more help, see our routine maintenance for natural stone tiles below.

Do’s and don’ts of natural stone maintenance


  • Clean your natural stone on a regular basis to keep it looking its best and to prevent damage from occurring. Usually, all you need is soap and water.
  • Sweep or vacuum your natural stone tiles prior to cleaning.
  • Clean any spills immediately. It is best to blot the spills, instead of wiping as this will spread the spill.
  • Protect your floors by using felt pads on the bottoms of furniture legs.
  • Pay attention to the seal on your stone. Some natural stone countertops should be resealed regularly to prevent staining.


  • Use acidic products on your stone. Pay attention to the ingredients of the cleaners you choose for your countertops. Acidic products, such as lemon juice or vinegar, cause major permanent damage to natural stone surfaces.
  • Use abrasive cleaners on your stone, as they can scratch and dull the surface.
  • Mix chemicals together unless direction specifically instruct you to do so.


Natural stone is a work of art that requires some attention from you, but the time you spend caring for it will help to maintain its beauty and functionality for years to come.

Need more information, or need some help from a professional? Give us a call or come visit our Hamilton showroom. We’re always happy to help!