Consider Corian® Countertop Colours & Coordinating Backsplashes for Your Business


Whatever your business needs, Corian® countertops are colourful, versatile and widely available, which makes them an appealing choice for professional spaces. Achieve a high-quality finish and a sense of professionalism with the addition of a coordinating backsplash.

Corian® countertops are a name synonymous with ‘solid surface’ countertops. They’re one of the most popular brands and are known for being just as good as (or even better than) granite and marble.

Read on to discover all things Corian® and discover matching backsplash ideas that will take your new professional countertops to the next level.

Why Corian® Countertops?

One of the reasons we recommend Corian® for professional spaces is because the brand is known for having developed strong relationships with designers, artists, architects, and others in the industry sector to offer versatility and contemporary surfacing that will take the wear and tear of everyday business. In fact, they’re:

  • Highly versatile and are available in over 100 different colours and patterns. There’s something for every business need and style.
  • One of the toughest materials for counters. They’re solid, non-porous, and fair well against scratches and water damage. Perfect if your counters see a lot of day-to-day action and need to remain in great condition.
  • Water and heat resistant
  • Corian® countertops can be completely seamless, giving you the best visual option for your unique business space.

Corian® Backsplash Options

Speaking of options, it can be tricky to find a matching tile due to the very specific texture and finish of Corian®. So what better way to compliment your high-quality Corian® countertop than with a complimenting Corian® backsplash? It’s a natural move to mesh the two together.  Here are some ideas to make it happen:

  • Have your Corian® backsplash blend almost seamlessly with your counters or choose a colour and style that contrasts.
  • Corian® backsplashes mimic tiles. They are available in over 100 colours and several patterns including: Small Subway; Large Subway; Rectangular; Diamond; Small Square and Smooth.
  • The wide range of choices available makes it easy for you to add colour, creating balance in a room that includes different finishes (such as light and dark features).
  • Choose colours or certain shade variations for your Corian® backsplash to show a transition between countertop and cabinets.
  • Keep the design minimal with one shade or pick out certain accent colours for tiles to pull everything in the room together.

Whatever you decide, just know that the quality and finish of your Corian® countertops and backsplashes compare to none. They will give any commercial property or business the upper hand in creating a space perfectly fitted to your needs.

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Get Your Corian® Countertops Now

Contact Rock With Us for all of your Corian® needs. We have the largest selection of Corian® countertops in Hamilton, Oakville, and Brampton in a wide array of colours, patterns and styles, including:

  • Corian® Designer White
  • Corian® Pearl Gray
  • Corian® Sandalwood
  • Corian® Ecru
  • Corian® Jasmine
  • Corian® Dove

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