Easy Ways to Clean Your Countertops | Cleaning Granite and Other Countertops

Easy ways to clean your countertops

You didn’t invest in beautiful kitchen countertops to sit back and watch them fall into disrepair.

Yes, stone countertops are durable, rugged and resistant to damage, but they still benefit from a little TLC from time to time.

granite countertop sealingStains can settle in, so follow these steps to keep your granite, solid surface or quartz counters as beautiful as the day you got them installed.

Care for your granite countertops

Porous materials like granite and marble absorb liquids and acids from soap and cleaners.

Mould and mildew form in the small air spaces , damaging the countertop and creating welcoming conditions for bacteria.

Because granite is pourous, it can also absorb stains.

Regular sealing can keep the stains from setting.

To clean the surface, a simple mixture of warm water and dish soap is fine.

If your granite is stained by something difficult to remove, like curry, don’t worry.

A paste of baking soda and water mixed with a diluted solution of ammonia, bleach, or hydrogen peroxide can scrub most stains off a sealed surface easily.

*Protip – Prevent water from getting below a sealed granite surface by regularly inspecting the grout or caulking at any seams. Neglected seams are common causes of water damaged granite.

Taking care of your quartz counters

Engineered to mimic its natural stone counterparts, quartz countertops look and feel like natural stone but stand up better to heavy use at home.

Quartz CountertopsLike granite, these countertops can be washed with a nonabrasive cleanser, but they don’t need any resealing to stay in perfect condition.

Since liquids stay on the surface of a quartz counter, you never have to deal with tough stains. Anything you spill will wipe off handily.

If you ever feel the need to clean your quartz surface, we recommend using liquid vim in the cream form.

Care for your solid surface kitchen countertops

Solid surface countertops retain an attractive look with heavy use and are impervious to water and staining.

The inherent qualities of solid surface countertops make it easy to maintain and work with for years to come, because they are strong, seamless, and can handle mild abrasives (which other countertops can’t).

Clean your solid surface countertops with soapy water or cleansers specifically for solid surfaces.

Wipe the surface dry after cleaning to prevent any mineral film from building up.

If you left some uncooked chicken on the countertops, diluted bleach is fine to use on any solid surface countertop.

Most visible stains come away with a cloth, soap and water.

However, heavier damage such as burn marks, scratches, or persistent stains need to be dealt with by a professional.

If your current countertops are damaged, why not start fresh?

Get your family a beautiful new kitchen or bathroom countertop and keep it in great condition from the start.

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