Eight Creative and Functional Uses for Remnant Granite

Granite can transform a home. After you’ve used a whole slab you may find you have little pieces left over, called remnant granite. Don’t throw it out, you can complete all kinds of fun projects with granite pieces, from tabletops and shelving to coasters and lamp bases.

Read on to discover our top picks for repurposing your remnant granite.

Uses for Remnant Granite

Kitchen Ideas

You could save a lot of money using bigger leftover pieces when it comes to your kitchen area. Use granite to top off benches and your sink surround. Or, if you want a project without much adhesive, a simple piece of granite is a perfect cutting board.

Coasters and Placemats

You could use whatever sized pieces you wish to make a coaster or placement. Cut them all to the same size or have slightly different sizes and shapes for effect. Plus, they will look great stacked on top of each other.

End Tables and Coffee Tables

If you have larger sections of granite a table could be a great use for it. Choose a contrasting material and colour for the table base and legs to make an impact. If you have only small pieces, consider end tables or bedside tables.


If you only have tiny pieces of exotic colours of granite, a mosaic could be the way to go. Again, you could use this for table tops. But, also consider sprucing up some old plant pots, or some fancy bookends. Try adding gemstones or other stones to create different effects in your mosaic.


Remnant granite can add more value to your home. Use leftover pieces to add a focal point in your bathroom or kitchen area. Add tiling surrounds on your sink or create a backsplash. Use as edging or build matching shelves.

Outdoor Ideas

Use spare granite pieces to add jazz to your driveway. Incorporate it into your paths in various patterns and shapes to make a focal point. If you have enough granite, make borders for your flowerbeds, or add various cut-offs throughout your garden for colour and variety.

Cheeseboards and Serving Trays

There’s nothing quite like your favourite cheese looking all delicious on a custom-made cheese board. Serving trays in various sizes, again, will look great with fancy dishes on top of them.

Little Objects

You can make quirky home accessories using your remnant granite pieces. Consider paperweights, clock surrounds, lamp bases and even stones for your fireplace. You could create plaques and engrave them to make them more personalized.

The possibilities for remnant granite are endless. No matter your taste, style, or even your creative abilities, everyone can make something out of remnant granite.

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