Everything You Need to Know About Countertop Seams

So, you’ve decided to upgrade your home with new countertops for your kitchen or bathroom – congratulations!

Whether you choose a natural stone or a man-made material, the quality and strength of the seams is what often determines the longevity and overall health of your countertops.

What are seams?

Well, seams are where two pieces of countertop material are joined together.

In a perfect world, there would be no seams. But in some cases, they’re inevitable.

At Rock With Us, we do our best to minimize the number of seams, and we also work to make them as invisible or inconspicuous as possible.

Here are our best expert tips to help ensure good seam quality.

Ensure countertop quality with these tips

1. Be reasonable

If we could do without countertop seams altogether, we would – but they’re important to the strength of your countertops.

When you’re deciding on your countertop designs, set realistic expectations.

Although a good seam should be inconspicuous, it can’t be invisible. A seam will always be something you can both see and feel, no matter how great the installation or design is.

2. Pay attention to the colours and patterns

The colour and pattern of a natural or man-made countertop can make a drastic difference as to the appearance of the seam.

Lighter colours such as white and light grey, with smaller patterns will show the seam more than a material with more colours and patterns.

3. Request a sample

Before moving forward in the countertop process, ask your countertop company for a sample of their seam quality.

That way, you can rest assured knowing that your seams will look great and last long, too.

4. Seam location

Where should countertop seams be placed? Where is the least vulnerable on a countertop?

It’s tough to know for sure, so be in constant contact with your countertop company to ensure wherever your seams will be place, the countertops will still have optimum strength.

If you have done your research and have a preference, discuss the seam location when your countertop company is making the designs for your countertops.

5. Epoxy

Countertop seams should be bonded with an epoxy that is a similar colour to the material you’ve chosen, that way, the seam will not be as noticeable.

Don’t be afraid of seams

When the installation is done right, a seam will hardly be visible. Can you spot the seam in this countertop?


Our number one tip is to trust your countertop company, and don’t be afraid of a seam in your material.

Seams are often a necessary part of a quality natural stone or man-made countertop.

Although you may worry that the seam will be obvious, a good fabricator knows how to make them nearly invisible.

And if you’re still worried about how – and where – your countertop will be seamed, be sure to discuss your options with a professional to determine what will be the best option for your particular piece of material.

Let’s get started!

Choosing a professional countertop company is an extremely important decision.

At Rock With Us, we will keep you well-informed and educated throughout the entire process, so you will never be left in the dark.

Should you have any questions, give us a call or visit us in store!