Home upgrades to make when the kids go off to university

Dropping your kids off at university for the first time is bittersweet.

It’s the first time your baby is officially off on his or her own. It’s also the first time in a long, long time you have the whole house to yourself.

There’s no tornado ripping through the house, making a disaster of everything in its path. The bathrooms are yours again; the kitchen too.

Maybe it’s time to make those upgrades you put off for the last 18 years!

A new upstairs bathroom sounds pretty good

The upstairs bathroom hasn’t been yours since the kids were born. If you’re like most families, you haven’t updated the bathroom in all that time.

Now that you (or your guests) can use it again, that retro look won’t do.

You can produce a big effect with just a couple upgrades, or you can go all out and give yourself something totally new and exciting.

  • New paint and dark quartz countertops are all you really need to revitalize that bathroom.
  • A new sink; a new tub/shower with updated hardware; new tile or stone shower walls and refaced or new cabinets give your bathroom the royal remodel treatment.

If you plan to sell your house in a few years, because you don’t need all the space you once did, a small aesthetic upgrade to countertops and paint can yield big returns – bathrooms are among the most important parts of a house for buyers.

A kitchen that actually suits your style

You probably got by with your current kitchen over the years by telling yourself it was functional. We all do it. When the kids and their friends are always around, your kitchen doesn’t have to look great to get the food on the table.

Now that you have more time and space for entertaining, you can make some long overdue upgrades to the kitchen.

  • Replace that low-maintenance solid surface countertop with beautiful exotic granite. It’s equally low maintenance, but looks a lot better.
  • If you don’t want to go through the disruption of a full kitchen remodel, replace the hardware on your cabinets with something more modern.
  • Install some simple LED pot lights where your old CFL units are. New LED designs are stunning, long lasting and (as you probably know) use up to 90% less energy.
  • Your lifestyle is changing, and maybe your appliances should reflect that. A smaller, more feature-rich refrigerator, a better stove. Do you even need a microwave anymore?

Upgrade your most important social space to better reflect your new living situation.

The kids will be back to visit (and maybe they’ll even live with you again when school is done), but this is your chance to do what you want with the house.

Our website is constantly updated with real images of the granite we have in stock. Take a look and see if anything matches your taste, then give us a call to talk about your kitchen or bathroom upgrades.