How Long Do Quartz Countertops Last?

Families invest in quartz countertops from Rock With Us for all kinds of reasons:

  • They want something that looks good.
  • They want a durable surface that doesn’t show wear.
  • They want something to increase the value of the house.
  • They have great taste.


A kitchen or bathroom renovation isn’t complete without attractive new countertops, especially if you want your new design to look as good in 10 years as it does today.

But how long will your new quartz countertops actually last?

Well, technically, they could last just about forever. As long as you don’t take a hammer or screwdriver to your countertops, they’ll last as long in your home as you do.

How does quartz last so long?

Quartz countertops are about 90% natural quartz and 10% resins, polymers and pigments.

The end product is a beautiful, artificial rock surface without any pores or cracks.

Because there are no entry points for moisture or bacteria, your quartz countertop is nigh invincible.

Your quartz countertop lasts so long because:

  • It’s hard – harder than granite.
  • It resists heat, with a melting point around 1,670 C.
  • It contains no natural fractures.
  • It’s non-pourous.

These same factors make quartz super easy to clean. So you can use it heavily, wipe it down and never worry about it.

Red quartz


How to choose quartz countertops that match your design

Generally, granite and quartz countertops never go out of style. As long as you’re tasteful with your new design, your countertop will look good with it forever.

Some general guidelines for your new design:

  • Choose dark colours for earthy, elegant designs: Dark quartz is always in style. The dark colour makes a space feel larger than it actually is, so it’s a favoured choice in bathrooms and kitchens where space is limited.
  • Choose bright colours with very little variation for modern and contemporary: Shades of white quartz are timeless and somehow always look modern. Whether your countertops are 2 years old or 20, they’ll still emanate that modern, sleek style.
  • Choose bright red for a bold style statement: Trendsetting designers are always looking for something fun and bold to add to a home design. You don’t see red quartz countertops often, but they’re amazing when part of an overall design plan. Be bold!

When your renovation starts, new countertops take us less than 1 day to install. The change in the look of your kitchen or bathroom is immediate.

No time to waste!

With professional installation, your quartz countertops will last as long as you want them to.

See what we have in stock right now (everything on our website is updated as new colours come and go) and start planning your renovation tonight!

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