Kitchen Design Trends 2020

Any homeowner knows the kitchen is the central hub of the home, where everyone comes together to eat, share and create memories. And if you are planning a new kitchen renovation, there are many different directions you can go when it comes to design.

Kitchen design trends come and go, which is why you want to take your time when making a decision. You want to be modern and on the cutting edge, but you also don’t want to be outdated in just a few short years, either. Here are some 2020 kitchen design trends that are sure to make your kitchen renovation a lot of fun.

Storage Walls

Floor-to-ceiling storage cabinets can be decorative and stylish, but this is more about organization. If there isn’t enough space in your kitchen for a decent pantry, then this is a storage solution that makes sense.

Backsplashes with Shelves

The right backsplash can really make a statement in your kitchen, but extending the backsplash into shallow shelves is the way things are headed in 2020. Many European kitchens feature shelving as part of the backsplash and they are handy for showing off decorative glasses, mugs or other items.

Discreet Handles

One of the 2020 kitchen trends that will appeal to all the minimalists out there is discreet or even hidden cabinet handles. This offers a sleeker look that will blend with just about any design scheme. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the handles going out of style and having to replace them.

Warm Tones

The kitchen tones that will be trendy in 2020 are warm and speak of nature. Browns, greys, beiges and similar neutral colours with matte finishes will be popular for multiple different surfaces and fittings. The idea is to create an ambience that’s inviting and soothing to everyone that comes around.

Natural Materials

Along the same lines, natural materials will be part of the 2020 kitchen trend over manmade. Wood, quartz, marble and other materials that remind you of nature and the great outdoors will add to the minimalist, discreet kind of feel that is going to be common. Whether it’s the countertop, cabinets, walls or backsplash, think natural.

Hidden Range Hoods

If you’re like most people, the range hood is just something you put up with, not a part of kitchen design that gets you excited. In 2020, that ugly range hood may be integrated into the wall or cabinets, covered in tile or natural stone. As long as it still functions efficiently, speak to your contractor about removing it from view in your 2020 kitchen design.

Double Islands

Big open spaces seem to be the trend when it comes to kitchen renovations, and what better way to fill that extra space than with two islands. For homeowners that believe in more of a good thing, a double island may be the 2020 kitchen design trend that really gets you excited.

If you’re thinking of a kitchen renovation in 2020 and want to make the most of the space you have, get in touch with Rock With Us today to get the process started.