Kitchen Island Design Ideas – 6 Things to Consider


Are you looking for kitchen island designs? We’re not surprised. Most homeowners want a kitchen island because of the functionality and flair one can yield in their space. Kitchens have become the hub of the home…no longer hidden away from the daily activities of life, but rather centering around all that life has to offer. The Kitchen Island has played a major role in shedding the traditional designs of the Kitchen.


Be it cooking, chatting over tea, helping with homework, entertaining family and friends, hosting holiday or work parties or just having a quick breakfast with your loved ones…the Kitchen island makes all this more practical and keeps the family together. Choosing the right design can make it even more functional for gatherings and the day to day life of your family.


An island will also update your kitchen aesthetically and provide the opportunity to add a new style to your home. Here are six kitchen island ideas you should consider when planning your custom kitchen island.

Additional Counter Space


Additional counter space is one of the main advantages of adding a kitchen island to your home. Limited counter space makes it easy for your kitchen to become cluttered and makes cooking difficult when you are not able to spread out.


Once you have a kitchen island, you can cook together as a family or use the island as a space to serve food.


Kitchen island design idea: Consider making that extra counter space contrast your regular counters by choosing a material that pops! For example, if your counters are a basic colour, choose an exotic marbled granite, or a complimentary but contrasting colour for your island.

Extra Seating


When building a kitchen island, you can also create more seating. If your dining area is separate from your kitchen, an island can allow you to finally snack or have meals right in the kitchen. This is also convenient if someone wants to sit and chat with you while you are cooking.


Kitchen island design idea: Design your island so that the seating can fit underneath. This allows you to tuck the seats away when you aren’t using them so that they don’t clutter up your floor space.



If you are looking for a unique kitchen island, consider creating variation in the height with a multi-level kitchen island. You will then be able to dedicate different levels to different purposes. You could have breakfast bar at the top and make the lower section a food prep area.


Kitchen island design idea: If you are interested in installing an appliance such as a stove in your island, a multi-level design is a great idea.

More Storage


Many homeowners don’t have enough storage in their kitchen. You can use a kitchen island to create additional storage. Consider adding shelve for quick cookbook access, cabinets with pull out doors for all your daily recycling, or a wine rack.


Kitchen island design idea: If you have some beautiful dishes or unique kitchen items, consider using open shelving in the island to showcase them.

Additional Appliances


Appliances and fixtures can also be incorporated into your kitchen island. With a bit of extra ventilation and plumbing, it is possible to install a sink, stovetop, microwave, or even a downdraft ventilation system in your island. In this way, you can have appliances you couldn’t fit in your regular counter space.


Kitchen island design idea: Consider adding a unique kitchen island appliance, like an espresso machine, a wine cooler, or sub-zero refrigerator drawers.

Space Above


Since islands are not typically against a wall, people often forget about the option to use the space above the island for something useful. You can add suspended storage or install a range hood.


Kitchen island design idea: If you have a large kitchen island with seating and storage, consider hanging a unique lighting fixture or other decoration above your island.


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