The Best Heat Resistant Countertops for Busy Kitchens

The best heat resistant countertops for busy kitchens like yours.

How many evenings every week do you spend cooking in the kitchen? Setting hot pots and pans on the counter while you prep or serve, wiping up hot spills (or leaving them until later) and generally giving your countertop a hard time?

Your countertops need to stand up to a lot of abuse, especially if you’re like most Canadian families, spending about 5 nights a week cooking in the kitchen (according to Statistics Canada).

Granite countertops installationThe best heat-resistant countertops for your busy kitchen are:


If your old countertops show signs of wear and you want something to look great and stand up to your family’s heavy use, here’s what quart or granite can do for you.

Quartz is good all around, with high heat tolerance, scratch and stain resistance.

Laminate countertops are more affordable than quartz, but offer very little resistance to heat.

Place a pot of boiling water on there and you’re likely to get a large crack and discolouration.

Quartz is highly heat resistant, use of a trivet or potholder is recommended when placing hot pots down., not using a trivet or potholder could cause some scorching if left for a duration of time.

If heat isn’t your main concern, and you’re more interested in protecting your countertops from staining (if you cook a lot of curries or similar foods), quartz is a no brainer. It resists staining like no other surface. Most just wipe away with a cloth and dish soap.

Granite is the preferred choice for heat performance.

No surface is heat proof, but granite is about as heat resistant as countertop surfaces get.

countertop installationIs it incredibly hard and only requires yearly sealer treatments to keep its glossy, natural, new appearance. Rock with us applies a 15 year sealer on all of its natural stone products.

We always recommend placing a trivet or potholder of some kind when placing hot pots and pans on the counter, but we understand real life means you don’t always have them available.

9.5 times out of 10, placing a hot pan or pot directly on your granite counter won’t cause any damage. Even a piping hot casserole dish straight from the oven won’t ruin your granite countertop.

The differences are subtle, but the choice is yours.

Quartz gives you unparalleled stain resistance, a beautiful, uniform pattern and incredible resistance to scratches.

Granite can handle just about any heat you throw at it, will never scratch and gives you a totally unique pattern (since it’s designed by nature).

However you prioritize your needs, we can help you bring the right new kitchen countertop home. Neither is better than the other. It all depends on what you want.

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