The Best Way to Make Your Granite Countertops Last

The best way to make your granite countertops last

Sealing your granite countertops is the best way to make them last.

Yes, your granite countertops lived in nature for thousands of years before landing in your kitchen. And they weren’t sealed then.

But granite breaks down in nature, splintering and chunking to pieces with exposure to moisture, heat and cold.

You don’t want your granite countertops doing the same. That’s why you have to seal it.

granite countertop sealingWhy does moisture affect granite?

Granite is a porous stone, so moisture gets down those little cracks and holes. That causes two problems:

  • It weakens the structure of the stone.
  • It holds bacteria.

Heat and cold have a minimal impact to your granite countertop when weighed against moisture.

Sealing your granite countertops keeps moisture out. That helps your countertops last longer (as long as you want them) and look better. It also saves your family money. The longer your countertops look great, the less inclined you are to replace them.

You get a free 15 year sealer.

granite countertops

A good sealer also protects your counters against scratches, stains and fading.

We want you to be as happy with your countertops 15 years from now as you are today, so we offer a free 15 year sealer with every kitchen and bathroom countertop installation.

Think sealing is a luxury? Think again.

For granite, your kitchen or bathroom is a much more hostile environment than the outdoors.

Your counters meet all kinds of substances living in your house they wouldn’t elsewhere.

If left unsealed…

  • Acidic substances like vinegar or lemon juice, even tomato juice, deteriorates the stone over time.
  • Common household acids can also leave behind etching on the surface, a drain on the overall look of your countertops.
  • Stains from wine, coffee, strawberries and lots of other common items around the house are almost impossible to get out of unsealed or poorly sealed granite.

You will have to reseal your countertops periodically, but it’s worth it for the maintenance of your investment.

Done right, your countertops will look as good 20 years from now as they do today.

Do your existing countertops need resealing?

The granite sealer test is an easy one.

Drip a few drops of water on your counter and let it sit for 5 minutes. If the water has disappeared and the surface of the counter is darkened, it’s time to reseal.

You might be able to tell by just looking at your countertops. Sealer keeps that glossy appearance, so dull spots indicate a lack of sealer.

4 simple steps to resealing.

kitchen counter installationGrab a good quality sealer at your local hardware store and follow these steps to take care of your granite countertops before applying it.

  1. Clean your counter with a mild all purpose cleaner (a water/vinegar spray works just fine).
  2. When dry, use a lint-free cloth to apply the sealer.
  3. Wet the cloth with sealer and wipe onto the surface of the counter. Make sure the surface and edges of your granite countertop are covered with the sealer. Wet, but not soaked.
  4. Allow the first coat to dry for 10 minutes, then apply a second coat.

Wait a day before preparing any food on the counter. It takes about 24 hours to achieve the full sealant effect.

Protecting your investment is smart, especially when all it takes is an occasionally wiping down of a clean surface.

What kind of shape are your current countertops in? Maybe it’s time to start fresh and install something beautiful and new.

Call us to schedule a free in-home design consultation. Let us help your family find the best new countertops for the style of your kitchen and keep them gorgeous as long as you need.