The Fastest Way to Get Your New Countertops Installed

The fastest way to get your new countertops installed.

New cabinetry takes days to build and install.

Painting your kitchen takes a few days and leaves you with chemical fumes for a week or more.

Redoing your kitchen floors is a huge job, and you have to move a lot of heavy furniture out of the way.

Installing new countertops takes less than a day.

granite countertop installationThe rest of your kitchen renovation might take a while, but your countertop installation is fast and leaves you with a totally new looking kitchen (or bathroom) in a single day.

It might be all you need to fall back in love with your kitchen.

How does your one day installation work?

  • We show up on schedule with your countertops precut and ready to install.
  • We cover your floors and tear out your old countertops, keeping any mess contained.
  • We bring in your new countertops and lay them carefully in place.
  • We plumb in your sink, so you don’t have to find another tradesperson to get your upgrade done.
  • We clean the work area and make sure to leave nothing behind. We don’t take any liberties with your space.

Your family doesn’t go a single day without the functional kitchen countertop and sink you need to get by.

Why now is a smart time to upgrade your countertops.

Will you live in this home forever?

Granite counter installationIf the answer is yes, you shouldn’t be stuck with the same scuffed-up countertops the previous owners installed. They don’t fit your lifestyle and certainly not your style.

If the answer is no, do you think the current countertops in your kitchen and bathrooms will attract the buyers you want when it’s time to sell?

Most real estate professionals say families shop for kitchens and bathrooms, and the rest of the house is secondary. If your kitchens and bathrooms don’t’ stand out, you probably won’t sell for the price you want.

An investment in new countertops comes back to you in the selling price of your home.

Get your new looking kitchen in a single day.

No matter how you spin it, a new looking kitchen with just a single day of work in your home is smart.

You don’t lose use of the most important room in your home, but you still get a fresh, functional new surface that impacts the look and feel of your entire house.

Want to price out your new countertop, or learn about the options for your kitchen and bathroom?

Give us a call today. We’ll even visit your home for free to discuss your remodeling plans.