What are Solid Surface Countertops?

Solid Surface sink

Solid surface countertops sometimes resemble natural stone and sometimes just look like a sleek futuristic surface without being as delicate and porous and are primarily crafted out of acrylic and polyester. They are man-made to offer an affordable, low maintenance, versatile countertop to homeowners.

Solid surface differentiates itself from other manmade countertops, such as laminate, simply by being more stable. The word “solid” is quite literal since these countertops are consistent throughout the entire slab. This characteristic is what makes them so durable and easy to repair.

How are Solid Surface Countertops Made?

Solid surface countertops are manufactured using acrylic, polyester, or a combination of the two. These substances are mixed with a powdered filler and various pigments. Under heat, this mixture chemically cures to create a solid material that can be cut and sanded to form the desired countertop slab size. This material can also be molded into different shapes to use for items such as bathtubs, sinks and shower pans.

The production and manufacturing process of solid surface countertops is energy intensive but produces a product that is strong and stain resistant. It can be created to imitate marble and granite without the high cost or delicate material. Solid surface countertops are created in many colours and textures to suit any kitchen’s style.

solid surface bathroom counter

The Main Benefit: Easy to Repair

The main benefit of solid surface countertops is that the slabs are homogenous, making them very easy to repair. Any seams that result from the installation process can be blended in to become completely inconspicuous. Likewise, scratches from wear can be easily buffed out. Solid surface countertops are the perfect solution for families who intend to get a lot of use out of them.

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