Why Outdoor Kitchens is a Booming Trend

Outdoor kitchen

Just imagine having a full outdoor kitchen in your backyard, with spacious areas to:

  • Grill on the BBQ (naturally).
  • Prepare stovetop dishes.
  • Wash fruits and vegetables plucked from the garden in the sink.
  • Pull ice cold drinks from the backyard fridge.

And, of course, having a dining area to sit and enjoy your meal, too.

For years, outdoor kitchens were limited to high-end custom homes and the people living in them.

That’s changing, as more and more families are building their own outdoor kitchens.

Here’s why…and how Rock With Us can help.

Greater focus on staycations

The whole idea of staycation is to make your home as relaxing and comfortable as possible.

Rather than spend time, money, and effort on planning and taking a vacation, homeowners are using those resources to build an outdoor kitchen.

That’s because outdoor kitchens deliver many of the same benefits as taking a vacation:

  • Fun: Being outside is always fun, doubly so when you’re cooking and prepping a great meal on your outdoor kitchen countertop.
  • Memorable experiences: According to a study by Best in American Living, outdoor kitchens are all about the experience as opposed to functionality and practicality.
  • Family time: There’s nothing quite like enjoying a great meal with family and engaging in interesting conversation.

In short, a staycation with an outdoor kitchen can be much like a traditional vacation…without the hassle of crowded airports and planes.

Adding value to the home

Outdoor kitchen

When many people want to upgrade and make their home worth more, they focus on traditional areas, such as:

  • Indoor kitchen.
  • Bathroom.
  • Finished basement.
  • Landscaping.
  • New floors.

An outdoor kitchen should be on that list; especially if you plan on selling down the line.

Quicken Loans reports that, according to CNN Money, some outdoor kitchens can fetch a 100%-200% ROI.

Think about that for a moment. 100%-200% ROI.

Homebuyers specifically looking for an outdoor kitchen are niche; there aren’t that many around.

So when a home comes on the market with a fabulous outdoor kitchen already in place, they’ll pay a premium for it.


Outdoor kitchen sketch

At the top of this blog, there are many things your outdoor kitchen could include.

But that’s just the start, since you can also:

  • Build a stone brick oven.
  • Install a fire pit for grilling.
  • Install dishwashers for easy clean-up (really).
  • Create custom outdoor kitchen storage for cutlery, dishes, glasses, etc.

With an outdoor kitchen, the choices are really almost endless.

How can Rock With Us help your outdoor kitchen?

Backyard kitchen

Any kitchen, whether it’s indoors or outdoors, needs a solid countertop for food preparation that’s also easy to clean.

However, the biggest difference is that an outdoor countertop must be able to handle the elements too (sun, rain, snow, etc.).

Your best bet is a granite countertop from Rock With Us because:

  • Easy to clean and care for.
  • Unmatched durability.
  • Handles all sorts of weather conditions.
  • Won’t scratch or discolour over time.

Granite’s tough, and you can make it even tougher with protective stone sealing.

Finally, granite countertops can be manufactured to any configuration.

Want a straight countertop? No problem. Looking for an L-shaped unit? We can do that. Interested in building an island with a granite surface? You’ve got it.

Want to build an outdoor kitchen? Contact us

Outdoor kitchens are fun, exciting, and unique.

And with a custom granite countertop from Rock With Us, your outdoor kitchen will look good – and stay that way – for years to come.

Contact us with any questions you have.

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