Alaska White Granite. Hamilton’s Hottest Countertop Trend.

White granite and super white granite are some of the trendiest colours, and for good reason – it opens up the room and is more inviting. Light granite makes an ideal choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops because of its inviting shades of silvers, whites, and neutrals. Open up your space and brighten your home with a light granite countertop, available in Hamilton at our showroom. Our experts will speak with you and guide you toward making the right decision for your home and needs.

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Get Your Light Granite in One Day

Rock With Us is one of Southern Ontario’s few countertop fabricators that will install your brand new bathroom and kitchen counters in just one day .

A tear out and installation process can be nerve-wracking. You may be approaching this renovation with stress and tension because your past experiences may have left you without access to your kitchen or bathroom for days or maybe even weeks.

Not with Rock With Us.

We do all of our countertop installations and same-day plumbing fast, so you can get back to living your life and enjoying your space.

Discover Our Other Granite Colours

Whether you’ve changed your mind, or are simply curious about how other colours and patterns might look in your home, Rock With Us has the largest selection of granite colours to choose from.

Light granites make the sleekest countertops, but darker granites add a certain type of depth that can’t be beat, and exotic granite colours offer the unique and trendy look that you’re striving for. Check out the wide variety of granite we have available and switch up your style.

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