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Dark Marble Kitchen Countertops in Hamilton

Marblecountertops in darker colours add a different sort of class to a room, and once installed, they become a focal point all their own.

Bring The Aesthetic Appeal Of Dark Marble Into Your Home

Certain marbles provide so much to your kitchen in terms of design and unique qualities that are hard to find. If you’re looking to add depth and grandeur to your home, consider one of the following:

  • Black Marquina
  • Portoro Genuine Extra
  • Emperador
  • Dynasty Brown
  • And more!

Dark marble colours, like black and gray, are an option most often chosen in modern and sleek kitchen and bathroom designs.

This darker stone colour pairs well with a classic or contemporary kitchen or bathroom because it contrasts well with existing cabinetry and design.

The Easiest Marble To Maintain

Marble is beautiful, but it can also be a hassle to maintain because of its sensitive nature. It is a porous stone, and it easily damaged, which means that extra TLC needs to be taken into consideration when thinking about installing this stone in the home.

However, many of the darker marbles are extra dense and less likely to show stains, which can make them easier to maintain. This is something huge to consider when thinking about marble countertops because porousness is a make or break factor in this stone.

Want To Try Something Different? Check Out Our Other Colours.

Dark marbles not quite striking your fancy? Or want to mix and match marble colours to create a custom design and unique feel? View all of our other marble colours:

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