Cosentino Dekton Makai

Makai is shown as a good alternative to the decape wood in soft shades that are really used for cladding and flooring. The design and avant-garde are joined in it with an unique personality.

Cosentino Dekton Sirius

Cosentino presents Dekton Solid Collection, a Matte surface in an assortment of ideal colours.

Cosentino Dekton Sirocco

With a background sepia brown, you will be able to glimpse soft veins in soft shades that break the monotony of this timeless color that represent the calm.

Cosentino Dekton Spectra

Cosentino presents Dekton XGLOSS, the new polished surface line with a stunning crystalline shine

Cosentino Dekton Trillium

Inspired by the industrialized look of oxidized steel, Trillium is composed of a mix of volcanic shades of grey, brown and deep black to create a rusted effect that is unexpectedly smooth to the touch. Its light to dark contrasting forms a somewhat metallic effect that gives the surface an extremely genuine appearance. With an … Continue reading Cosentino Dekton Trillium

Cosentino Dekton Tundra

Inspired by natural stone, it offers a marble-looking color created by a white background covered by grey veins all across the slab. The veining structure, its dazzling shine and subtle background combine in a bold and genuine look.

Cosentino Dekton Valterra

A warm colour with red, cream and brown tones and a linear design that recalls the patterns of natural wood. Thanks to its rough-smooth finish Dekton Valterra is a warm and natural material that emulates the chestnut wood

Cosentino Dekton Vegha

A storm-like grey color with a very special chromatic density. Vegha provides a texturised and intense visual feeling, without a sense of monotony. Inspired in natural formations of limestone and sandstone, its innovative proposal is full of good taste.