Caring For Your Stone Countertop

One of the biggest misconceptions about natural stone countertops is that they require too much maintenance and are therefore, not worth the investment. While some types do require some maintenance, it isn’t a lot of work.

That’s where we come in.

The experts at Rock With Us have been in the industry for over a decade and are here to make sure you fully understand how to care for and maintain your new countertops and other solid stone surfaces.

Basic Care & Maintenance For Natural Stone

Pay attention to the types of cleansers you use on your countertops. Some may include ingredients that are harmful to certain stones.

Don’t stand, kneel, lean on, or sit on, your countertops, especially at the front of the sink area. They could crack or break.

Be cautious when using hard objects around your countertops and sinks. It’s common for counters to be chipped while handling pots and pans.

Maintaining Your New Countertop Is Easy

  • Spills
    • Spills are inevitable in the kitchen and bathroom. Once a spill occurs on your countertop, simply wash the surface with a soft cloth and warm water, and use a mild soap if desired. Refrain from using an abrasive cleaning pad or scrubbing sponge, as they can scratch or etch the stone.
  • Stains
    • Even if a countertop is non-porous, they may still be susceptible to stains such as permanent markers and dyes. Some inks and chemicals may cause permanent discoloration and markings to the surface, and are easily avoidable. If your countertop falls victim to permanent markers or dyes or any sort, wipe up immediately and rinse thoroughly with water.
  • Chemicals
    • You may be tempted to use regular household cleaners on your countertops when cleaning them. However, many household cleaners contain harsh chemicals that may damage your counters. Be attentive when choosing a household cleaner, just to be certain you don’t use a cleaner that is too harsh for your stone.
  • Heat
    • Heat-proof countertops all depend on which stone you decide on. When choosing a stone for your counters, first research different stone types and the qualities of each . Some counters can withstand heat, while others will become damaged when exposed to hot pots and pans. The experts at Rock With Us will be happy to discuss this with you.
  • Scratches, Etches, & Cuts
    • While natural stone is one of the hardest materials on earth, they can still become damaged with regular use. While all countertops may not get etched or scratched, the sheen may dull, and using your stone counters as a cutting board will certainly dull your kitchen knives. We recommend using a cutting board or chopping block to protect the surface and keep your utensils sharp and your counters looking as immaculate as when you first got them.

Have Further Questions? Call Us.

Installing natural stone in your home is a big investment, and we want to ensure that your countertops and flooring are well taken cared for.

Contact us with any questions you may have regarding the care and maintenance of your countertops. We’re happy to help.