Corian Countertops in Hamilton

Solid surface countertops are one of the oldest and most familiar materials used in kitchens and bathrooms as replacements for your typical natural or man-made stone.

Since they are made from solid synthetic material, they carry many similarities as laminate counters, but are of higher quality, great durability, and offer more versatility.

Rock With Us carries the largest selection of Corian countertops in Hamilton, Oakville, and Brampton in a wide array of colours, patterns, and styles, including:

  • Corian Designer White
  • Corian Pearl Gray
  • Corian Sandalwood
  • Corian Ecru
  • Corian Jasmine
  • Corian Dove

What’s So Good About Solid Surface Countertops?

Solid surface durability comes from its synthetic and artistic properties, which work together to provide a strong and beautiful countertop.

  • Highly versatile – Corian countertops are available in over 100 different colours and patterns.
  • One of the toughest materials for counters, they are solid, non-porous, and stand up against scratches and water damage.
  • Able to be made into a completely seamless counter, a quality unique to Solid Surface countertops.

If you’re looking for a countertop that does it all – from durability, toughness, longevity, colour selections, and water and heat resistance. Choosing a solid surface countertop is the way to go.

Why Should You Choose Solid Surface?

It’s Tough.
Solid surface countertops are difficult to break, it’s water resistant, and one of the easiest types of countertops to repair.

It’s Easy To Maintain.
Since it is a synthetic material, the maintenance on solid surface countertops is very low.

The Most Versatile Countertops
If you want the option of having a large variety of colours and patterns, as well as high quality and durability, solid surface countertops are perfect for you.

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