Quartz Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is quartz?

A. Quartz is a mineral found in the earth’s continental crust, and is one of the most abundant and strongest materials on the planet. Quartz is a manufactured surface that is made by mixing ground natural quartz with polymer resins. The result is a quartz material that looks natural. The benefit of this is that the engineering process provides the consumer with more customization in regards to colour and style specifications.

2. What colours are available for quartz countertops?

A. Since quartz is man-made, virtually any colour is possible. Available colours at Rock With Us range from neutrals like white, creams, browns and greys to bright reds and greens. And, metallic flecks and glass can be added during the manufacturing process for added dimension and design. Regardless, quartz will complement any preexisting décor theme you may have.

3. How much overhang can you have without supports, and what type of supports is required?

A. For 2cm stone, we recommend supports with overhangs that are 10” or greater.

4. How long can the pieces for my application be?

A. It is typically safe to have pieces that are approximately 8-10’ long, depending on the stone type and bowl/cook top configurations.

5. How long are the slabs, and can seams be avoided?

A. The average slab size is typically 100-120” long by 60-70” tall. The Rock With Us team will work with you to place few seams as possible in your kitchen counters. However, seams are required based on slab size and may be needed to maintain the structural integrity of the countertop.

6. What do seams look like?

A. Rock With Us will try to make the seam as invisible as possible. You will see a fine hairline of 1/16-1/8” width and we will fill it with a matching colour epoxy.

7. Do quartz countertops damage easily?

A. Like any countertop surface, quartz can be damaged with extreme wear and tear. However, since quartz is non-porous, it is easy to keep the stone free from bacteria and water damage. In the event that your quartz is chipped or damaged, the stone experts at Rock With Us will be able to repair the damage, in most cases.

8. Should quartz be sealed?

A. No, it is not necessary to seal quartz as you would other stones.

9. Can quartz stain?

A. Quartz is a very durable material and staining is unlikely. However as a precaution, wipe up any spills in order to avoid any damage to the countertop.

10. Why is quartz a good choice for my kitchen?

A. Quartz is one of the toughest materials on the market. It is non-porous, and prevents water, bacteria, and mildew from seeping into the stone. It does not require sealing or maintenance, and it is also scratch and stain resistant.

11. How do I care for quartz?

A. The great thing about quartz is that it requires very minimal maintenance. Simply wipe up any spills and wash it down with soap and water. Using nonabrasive and non-bleach cleaners is recommended to maintain the stone’s shine and radiance.

12. Can I set hot pots on quartz countertops?

A. Quartz is strong and durable, but it is not recommended that hot pots and pans be placed directly onto quartz surfaces. Quartz can be affected by extreme heat, so it is best if you use cutting boards and hot pads in order to protect your stone.

13. Do I need to be there for the template process?

A. Yes. This is the most important stage of the project. There are often details that we need to ask or you may want to add, and this is the time to change anything you wish to ensure you get everything you desire.

14. Can I add to my countertop or add shape to my countertop before you template my kitchen or vanity?

A. Yes, we can add inches to counters. We can make any shape you want.

15. Can I choose my actual quartz slab?

A. Yes. When you come to our Hamilton location, you can select your stone from our extensive showroom samples.

16. Will my quartz look exactly like the quartz sample on the site?

A. The samples seen on the Rock With Us site have been scanned as digital images for the website. While these are high quality resolutions, they will never capture the exact nature of the real thing. Although one of our strengths is the consistency of our product, you should expect some variation. These slight variations in colour, pattern, and granularity give quartz its unique nature.

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