How Long Do Granite Countertops Last?


When you purchase a granite countertop from Rock With Us, you do it with a few things in mind:

  • To beautify and modernize your kitchen or bathroom.
  • To add value to your home and generate a nice return on investment (in case you ever sell).

The right granite countertop can do all that for years and years to come.

How long, exactly?

It’s not out of the realm of possibility for granite countertops to last 30 years or more.

Why is granite so durable?

Granite is sometimes referred to as “the eternal stone” due to how it’s formed, its hardness, its longevity and its exotic beauty.

In short:

  • Well underground, molten rock cools down from an insanely hot temperature of 2300°F/1260°C.
  • After the rock is cooled, it remains underground (but it may rise to the earth’s surface a bit).
  • When the naturally formed granite is quarried, it’s thousands of years old and in near-perfect condition.

Now, no matter how hot it gets in your kitchen, chances are it won’t reach the scorching temperatures found under the earth’s surface.

So there’s a good chance your granite countertops will handle almost anything you throw at it or on it.

Tips on selecting the right colour for your granite countertop


It all depends on the atmosphere you want to create for your kitchen. You want something that’s modern, but won’t go out of style within the next few years.

With that in mind, here’s how you can choose a timeless countertop based on color:

  • Black for sleek and elegant: Black really never goes out of style. A black (or other dark coloured countertop) can make your kitchen appear bigger than it is. Finally, any silver or grey veins within the slab will sparkle when the light hits it.
  • White for modern and contemporary: If you’re planning to renovate your entire kitchen, white is the way to go. When paired with new appliances and sinks, white countertops create a perpetual “here-and-now” look.

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  • Red for daring and energetic: Not many homes feature red granite countertops, which is why they’re so unique. Pure red granite is rare. However, red granite featuring blue, white or light-coloured highlights makes a powerful statement.
  • Green for traditional and earthy: Green granite with bursts of brown and grey scattered throughout gives off an old-fashioned, comforting vibe. If you want your kitchen to be a place to relax, go for green.

How to maximize the lifespan of your granite countertop

Granite countertops installation

If you treat granite right, it’ll give you years of strength and style. The best part is that all it requires is simple care and TLC.

  • Stone sealing: By nature, granite is porous (meaning liquid or air can pass through it). Stone sealing from Rock With Us keeps bacteria out while protecting its colour and resiliency.
  • Regular cleaning: As soon as you can, wipe off any liquids or spills from your granite countertop. Not only does it keep your countertop looking clean and shiny, it also protects the stone sealing too.
  • Treat it with care: Although granite is tough, you still want to be a little careful with it. Don’t use your countertop as a cutting board. Use trivet for your hot pots, pans, and bowl.

Get the most from your investment with Rock With Us

Countertops tend to be the most dominant design element of a kitchen. They simply have to look good and deliver value.

That’s what we’re all about at Rock With Us. With our wide selection of granite countertop products, you’re certain to find what you’re looking for.

Of course, our experienced staff is also here to answer every question you have.

Contact us with your questions or some comments about your project. You can also request a FREE quote if you already know the granite countertop you’re interested in.

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