Why Exotic Granite is On-Trend Right Now

Why exotic granite is on-trend right now

Exotic granite gives your home the timeless beauty of granite countertops, but keeps you from finding the exact same countertop in your friends’ or family’s new kitchen renovation.

Exotic granite is rare, and almost guarantees you won’t find the same look anywhere else.

Bring something totally unique into your home with the most exotic granite countertops.

Exotic granite colours

Alaska White Super Exotic Extra

Spettaco Super Exotic

Capa Cabana Exotic

Copenhagen Exotic

Delicatus Brown Exotic

Magma Bordeaux Exotic


Magma Gold Exotic Leather Finish


Twilight Exotic

Rocky Mountain Exotic

Typhoon Golden Exotic Extra

This is just a sample of the exotic colours you can choose from. We update our stock regularly, so check back on the exotic granite page for new styles often.

The trend toward variety

Homeowners today show an increasing interest in character.

Countertops don’t always have to be uniform and modular. They can display splashes of colour in one corner with completely different colours and textures in the centre.

Varied finishes like this make your countertop more at home with your wood or tile floors, of your glass cabinetry.

It’s more about looking at your space as a whole, and how the elements all balance each other. Balance doesn’t always mean uniformity. That’s why these exotic styles are so popular.

We embrace fun in our designs today!

Exotic granite lets you embrace neutrality elsewhere

This is exactly what we mean when we talk about balance.

Your plain, dark cabinetry doesn’t need refacing. It doesn’t need updating. Your exotic granite countertop can feature small splashes of brown to tie the room together, so you get a mix of old and new styles.

It’ll feel like a whole new kitchen.

You picked neutral colours in your bathroom, but a granite like Touareg Super Exotic can serve as a counterpoint to that neutrality and make your bathroom warm and comfortable (and stunning).

Browse the whole selection of exotic granite online today and give us a call for a quote on your preferred surface.

Exotic is in, and it will continue to be for a long, long time. Jump on the trend early and get the most from your new countertops. Contact us today to…