Why Winter is a Great Time for a Big Home Renovation

When people think home renovation, they usually think nice weather. Most homeowners decide to renovate their homes during the spring and summer months. However, the winter is actually a great time for a big home renovation. Consider some of the benefits to remodelling your home while the snow is falling:

Contractors are less busy

One of the main benefits to renovating in the winter is that contractors are not nearly as busy over the winter as they are during other months. This means you won’t have to wait as long for someone to be free to work on your project and you will also experience more flexibility with scheduling.

Discounts, discounts, discounts!

Another great benefit of renovating in the winter is the discounts on home building products. Because it is the offseason for renovations, many of the supplies and fixtures you will need to purchase to renovate your home will be on clearance sale. On top of being the offseason, the winter also offers some great deals during flash sales like Black Friday and Boxing Day.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Since contractors have more time they will be able to commit to taking on your bigger projects such as the kitchen and the bathroom and completing them relatively quickly. No one likes to live in a renovation zone for longer than necessary, especially in important rooms like the kitchen or the bathroom. Renovating these spaces in the winter will give you a faster timeline to accommodate your family’s busy schedule.

Vacation Time

If you are going on vacation during the winter, this may be the perfect time to have your house renovated. If you have a contractor you trust, you can leave on vacation and come back to a new home without having to live in the inconvenience or renovations.

Prioritizing the Interior

During the warmer months, homeowners typically have a lot of tasks and updates to take care of on the exterior of their home or in the yard. Since many of these projects cannot be completed during the winter, this is the perfect time to start on your indoor projects, instead.

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